We love what we do. Every time we get the chance we do new things because for us there are no obstacles. There are only design challenges and their design solutions. Instinctively we refine everything that surrounds us, and every time we start the process we are having a blast!

It’s like that moment, when you get to the top of the mountain, take a look at the spreading view and say – Ohh… It is a combination of satisfaction and appreciation.

During our explorations, researches, analyzes and first of all designing, we are drinking a lot of coffee from the moka pot which is well known by our clients as the Ironman! On average 34 espresso cups per project. Every day we are being carefully watched by big ginger cat – Amon. He has a huge passion for sitting on keyboard. He gets the blame for all the typos.

We come from Silesia in Poland, we are living in Rotterdam (Netherlands) but as we agreed, our stomachs are Italian.

We will be pleased to meet you.

Weronika & Wojciech